Friday, June 1, 2012

the monthly cooking segment: new new new

i tried two new pinterest meals (if you haven't checked it out yet, my food board is HERE), and they were awesome.

i made pork chops...recipe HERE...and arugula pizza...recipe HERE.

i could not believe how easy the pork chops were.  i had never made them before, so i was pretty nervous.  but they turned out really well--super juicy.

i didn't actually make the flatbread, so my meal was not gluten free.  i just used whole wheat pitas.  but they were great.  goat cheese is becoming my new best friend. next time, i would use more arugula (first time i had ever even tasted it, let alone cooked with it!) than the recipe calls for.  and i would carmelize the onions more.

both items were really excellent left over, too.  the pork chops totally retained their juiciness.  

two thumbs up for both recipes.