Monday, June 17, 2013

gentle words

you are loved.
you are not lost.
you are not alone.
tears are redemptive.
sorrow is refining.
you are loved.
you are chosen.
you are wildly blessed.
seasons are illuminating, and they do not last.
you are a grace-bearer.
you are loved.
you are not the same as you were.
you are full of love.
joy comes in the morning.
you are redeemed.
you are loved.

you are beloved.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

this was yesterday

without warning,
the ache courses through me--
loneliness and longing
sitting like a pit in my stomach.
empty and waiting,
the hurt creeping to my
fingertips and toes.
tears in my eyes,
a groaning sigh
escapes from my core.


though my heart feels
restlessly desperate,
i will speak truth:
you are faithful.
though i feel blind and lost,
i will press into you:
you have grace for each moment.


though i am weak and weary,
i will give you this heart.
let my sorrow be a holy offering.


holly willman