Thursday, December 23, 2010

late poetry

if you're in the mood for a little poetry, i uploaded three new ones. i wrote them a few weeks ago and have been too busy/lazy/tired/obstinate (stop me when you've heard enough) to post them.

i had a really great morning reading and writing...i have some big dreams and thoughts to share with you soon...want to hammer them down a little bit before i get them up here. but be prepared for a big 2011. that's all i'm going to say. :)

i know this picture really has nothing to do with the post i just wrote, but they're so cute. it's hard not to plaster their pictures everywhere. i heart lily and ez-c. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 by 30 update

i'm sure you've all been waiting breathlessly for my update today. well, friends, take a deep breath. that's right. in and out. feel better? good.

ok, let's see...

1. i have a solid semester under my belt. i am pleased to announce i survived and am one step closer to my master's degree. woot. go wildcats.

2. my debt to my father is down to $2600. although i had a dream last night that i paid it off completely, so i'll ask him if that counts.

3-10. nothing to report.

11. 1/20 on the cooking blogs. clicking right along. for those of you not present for the photo blog last year, i think my december meal is going to be the same: corned beef for the fam. there will, of course, be pictures. or at least one.

12-15. nada.

16. i haven't finished my book yet, but i did work a bit on a chapter today. when it's typed, i'll post it on the blog. it's my goal to write two chapters over christmas break, so we'll see.

17-28. nope.

29. 7/100 books read
  • interviewing in action
  • theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy
  • 66 love letters
  • gazelles, baby steps, and 37 other things dave ramsey taught me about debt
  • the christian college
  • the history of higher education
  • press play
30. um, no.

so there's your update. i'm sure you had nothing better to read on the internet, like FROOMMATE GETTING ENGAGED! yes, froommate, it's true. this update is dedicated to you.

and if i had any other picture in the world that was already online of the two of us, i would have used it.'s kind of fun to look at us 6 years ago and see what babies we were. haha. awesome.

Friday, December 17, 2010

the monthly cooking segment

hello! greetings to all you hungry wanderers. please, come in. sit for a spell and sniff that heavenly aroma.

ok, enough of that nonsense. it's time for my monthly cooking segment, brought to you by the number 30 and the other number 30. what do you mean, there's no such thing as the other 30? shut it! this is my blog, and i do what i want.

if you're still reading, i can only believe it is because you are DYING to find out what it is i made this month. as you may have noticed, we are drawing precariously close to the 21st. so last night....

wait for it...

i made...


i'm sorry if you're disappointed from all the build up. there's really too much pressure here. i'm starting to crack.

but really, it was wonderful and delicious pizza, if that makes it better. ready?

olive oil
alfredo sauce
thick slices of mushrooms
obscene amounts of spinach
shredded edam cheese
italian seasoning.

425 degrees for 7.5 minutes

very easy to make. very good to eat. i can't attest to the healthiness or calorie count. couldn't be bothered with those this time. maybe next month.

oh, hey, a new baby...

ok, i am FULLY aware i have been shamelessly neglecting you for several weeks. i sort of apologize. but not really. it's been a little busy in my world.

1) winter. gross. i hate it. mostly because of my car and the completely probable reality that he will slide off the road and kill me. but also because i just like summer so much better. sunshine that doesn't blind me from the glare off the ground is preferable.

2) school. yup. i had some. i am totally done with all of my homework and projects and papers (and trust me when i tell you it was a CRAPLOAD, especially last week). i am spending today finishing grading stuff for my freshmen, and then i will be donezo.

3) brittany and bradley had their baby on my dad and grandma's birthday! at 6 pounds, 3 ounces and 20 inches, he is a tiny little bundle of sweetheart and joy. when lily was born, she didn't open her eyes forever...probably too difficult to open them between all the rolls of fat. haha. charmer daniel bradley, on the other hand, was just wide-eyed and enjoying the world right away. he is a doll. and watching lily with him was amazing. just precious. she sang, 'have i told you lately that i love you?' to him.

so. now that my chaos is coming to an end, you can expect a regular bevy of updates. actually, you might get several today. i have a few poems and a song to upload. and some other stuff. so we'll see. anyway, friends, i am back.

Monday, November 22, 2010

a list, wisconsin style

w: wisco weekend. heather and i drove up friday night and hung out in madtown. it was good and loud and random. we spent saturday and sunday in milwaukee with stephanie and miranda. yay! we also saw cousin katie. double yay!

i: i wrote a new poem today in class. it's called 'puzzle pieces,' and it's over on the side of my blog.

s: somebody awesome did all the driving (and in crappy weather) so that somebody else could do her homework in the car.

c: cheese, grilled. thank you, stephanie. magical, as always.

o: on our trip north, we made a list of 300 things for heather to do in her 30's. haha. i am obsessed with lists. i'll admit it.

n: not many things are funnier than hyperactive irish people. although...

s: skinny dipping in a bowl of whale's milk might come close.

i: i miss wisconsin. bunches and heaps.

n: november is practically over. how did that happen?

ok, i got tired after o. you're lucky i finished the list.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

30 by 30 list is up

all right, friends and neighbors. the list is officially up. there are links on a couple of the items in case you are confused. if you would like a better explanation for any of the items, please let me know.

the list is officially in motion, so i'll get working on it. i'll let you know if i accomplish anything really quickly, but i doubt i will make much progress before christmas break. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 things i am learning in grad school

1. i am smarter than what i usually give myself credit for being.

2. breathing is important.

3. laughing is therapeutic.

4. i am incredibly blessed.

5. i can handle a lot, but it's better if i stop trying to handle it all at once.


1. i will officially post the 30 by 30 list by november 21st.

2. i will attempt to do an official 30 by 30 update on the 21st of every month until july 21, 2012.

3. that means there are 20 months for me to do this, in case the widget confuses you.

4. i will attempt to [photo] document everything in some way for your viewing pleasure.

5. i am taking any last suggestions you might have until saturday.

Monday, November 15, 2010

am i supposed to be paying attention in class? crap.

i guess it's becoming typical to write something during class. i wrote a couple of poems today: "dry" and "the face of the crisis." they're posted over in the poetry section.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

the weight of sadness

so i wrote a song last week. a friend of mine is going through a pretty rough time of life right now, so i wrote this for her. but i know some others of you are also going through some rough times, so you can claim this song for yourself if you need it. you can find it over in the 'songs' section. it's called 'the weight of sadness (i'm here for you).'

i promise that i will eventually get some video or audio stuff up here so you can hear the songs. maybe once christmas break hits...i'll have some time to think and breathe then.

i'm still taking suggestions for the 30 by 30 list, so hit me with those. here's a teaser for you:

EAT CHICKEN. :) yeah, it's gonna happen. one more year.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

cast of characters: sara scheunemann

**who she is**

this is sara:

(this is how you say sara's last name: shine-uh-man)

**what she does**

sara is the program coordinator for the john wesley honors college. that basically means she gets to boss me around for four hours every day. also, she runs the world, stabilizes all the crazy people in the honors college, and thinks of everything needed for every situation ever.

all while being incredibly patient and humble. she's kind of awesome.

**where she's from**

sara grew up in west bend, wisconsin, and has an english degree from marquette. she has a master's in higher education administration from the university of dayton. essentially, i am repeating sara's life.

**how she fits in my life now**

part of my job as the jwhc graduate assistant is to be sara's emotional bodyguard--i protect her from staff members trying to abuse and take advantage of her.

while sara is super nice to everyone, she is quietly very funny and kind of snarky. i very much enjoy her commentary on life. it must be noted that sara is slightly prejudiced against coffee-drinkers...but only because she thinks they are judging her for not drinking it. i am working to bridge the gap and heal this wound in her heart.

**stuff about her**

sara likes dark chocolate, tea, MADISON, running, travel (especially to national parks), hiking and camping, and trees.

she strongly dislikes (i actually think 'hates' is in order here) our copier at work and bedbugs.

sara has an almost two year-old niece named cadence; they like hanging out. because nieces are stellar.

her first crush was on a boy named tommy thompson--not the politician.

**what people are saying**

i think the following sampling of quotes will tell you more about who we work with than about sara, but here you go:

our boss, david, has this to say about her: 'sara is more aware than the typical freshman.'

coworker rusty says, 'sara's great.'

hilary, one of our student employees, keenly observed, 'sara is always the go-to person.'

finally, lisa, our coworker who is never ever sarcastic, boldly proclaimed, 'sara is a beacon of lucidity in a vague and uncertain world!'

**other stuff you should know**

this year, God told her not to set any goals. she is learning what it looks like to really live in the present and abide in the Spirit. she's pretty much a rockstar.

sara is an amazing person to work with and for. she is gracious and thoughtful, always looks out for my well-being, and genuinely cares about people. i have much to learn from her.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 by 30

i just came up with an idea. ok, it's not a new idea. not even a new to me idea.

i am compiling a list of 30 things to do before i am 30. it's called '30 by 30.' i know, i know. you do not even have to commend me on how creative i am. just comes naturally, i guess.

'so,' you may be asking, 'why are you making another stupid list, holly? you didn't even finish your last stupid list.'

'well,' i will respond, 'stop calling my lists stupid. that's not very nice.'

i am making a list because they help me remember that i want to do certain things with my life. some of these things will probably look familiar...they are either things that i did on my 27 things list and liked or had on my 27 things list and didn't do.

currently, there are zero items on my 30 by 30 list. i am open to suggestions. be nice about them. and make them realistic. one of the flaws of my 27 things list was that i simply did not have the time to do all of them. i stretched too high. 30 by 30 has an advantage in this area in that i have nearly 2 years to check these things off.

if you offer suggestions, please do not be offended if i don't choose them.

when the list is complete (which might take a while), i will post it on the side of the blog so you can track my progress. there is also a countdown widget. woo!

so...suggestions...ready, go!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

youtube is a major distraction from homework

i realize that it has once again been nearly a week since i posted. my original plan...about ten minutes ago...was to hop on here, throw down a blog about how this week has been all kinds of tragedy and grace blended together, and leave you with a funny picture of someone face palming (since that's sort of how i feel when i don't blog as often as i hope to).

google images are funny, aren't they? i went and looked for a great picture of 'face palm,' and there were many options. for reasons only God knows, since he invented my demented brain, i then googled 'peyton manning face palm.' that inevitably led to me seeing the picture below, which made me want to watch the commercial, so i went to youtube and did just that. and then watched a bunch more videos about peyton.

without further ado, please enjoy my friend, mr. manning.

Friday, October 29, 2010

coming soon: cast of characters

while i was driving to fishers from marion today, i realized that a lot of you do not know the new people in my life. so over the next [however long it takes me to do this], i will be doing a series of blog posts called 'cast of characters.' there are multiple reasons behind this:

1) as miranda oh so sweetly pointed out, i have not posted any pictures that i have actually taken. they are all from google or miranda. so i am going to attempt to actually take some pictures and post them.

2) you can get to know some of the yahoos with whom i am spending the next couple of years. lucky.

boy, am i excited to go up to people and say, 'hey, i need your picture so i can write about you on my blog.' nothing sounds cooler than that.

please let me know what kind of information you would like to know about these people. i haven't gotten much feedback lately, so it's hard to know in what direction i should proceed.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i guess i am kind of a weirdo in that i usually like to hang out in the 'less popular' books of the bible. i'll go chill in isaiah for a while...kick it in the peters (which sounds kind of dirty now that i have typed it)...tool around in hosea...when i was in high school, i don't even know how many times i read job. followed closely by the number of times i read lamentations. you can see what a cheery kid i was.

but hey, um...i mean, can we talk about the book of romans for a second?


so i guess it's just been a while (maybe since sometime last year) that i really dug my heels into romans. but holy crap, kids. this book is RIDICULOUS.

every day, i read something like it's the first time i've ever even read it. i want to sign right up for paul's army of champion christian soldiers. the whole book is just stupid (in a freaking great way)...every chapter has me underlining and writing 'YES!' in the margins like i'm sitting in the pews of a southern baptist church. 'PREACH ON, BROTHER PAUL! THAT'S RIGHT!' haha.

let's look at chapter 12 for a moment. please. it's just...i can't even come up with a word right now. i am chomping my gum and shaking my head to find the correct adjective for how bad ass this chapter is.

'don't just pretend to love others. really love them. hate what is wrong. hold tightly to what is good. love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.' romans 12: 9-10

before i read this, i had just gotten done writing in my journal about how thankful i was for the community that God has lavished on me here. i wrote about that last week. he is so not done with me. my prayer for community was a weak, wannabe prayer. kind of like how before i went to myrtle beach, i prayed that he would teach me to trust and be vulnerable with others. he must just laugh hysterically at me and say, 'oh, girl, you have no idea what i have in store for you.'

so anyway, i really feel like he is pointing out, 'hey, i heard your prayer (as half-hearted as it may have been), and i am delighted to answer it. but i don't just want you to have friends in marion. i want you to invest deeply. really love them. press into them, and allow them to press into you. your love for one another is a symbol of my love for you. know me more through them. in your love for others, you will show me.'

wow. :)

get it? they're romans.

Monday, October 25, 2010

dekan: the poem too racy for docstoc

opening my mouth
sharing my heart
i’m naked before you
and i’m uncomfortable
can i trust you?
will i scare you?
i’m naked before you
and i’m shaking
baring my soul
speaking my mind
i’m naked before you
and i’m bleeding
will you help me?
can you save me?
i’m naked before you
naked before you


my bad. i don't know how a week can slip by without writing something. though, dear void, you are not holding me accountable in the least, so that makes it easier.

i wrote two poems today in class. you must think i never learn anything in there. well, you'd be right some of the time. but the first poem actually applies directly to a video that we had to watch. so there. as it turns out, docstoc will not let me publish that one because it is suspected of having adult content. probably cause it says the word 'naked' 7 times. oh, well. i'll just publish that in its own entry.

in other news, this was not a very relaxing weekend. it was full of people. great people, but still a lot of them. yikes. brief summary of the events:

slumber party with the dundores--nail painting, pizza eating, pumpkin carving, settlers playing. all in all, a good time.

the food explosion--making guacamole and fruit salad for 5 hours. oh. my. heavens.

the shid--christine shidla meandered down from madison to hang out at a starbucks in target in castleton. i like that redhead. yup, i am fully aware of the irony of making that statement and then using a black and white picture of her.

it is your baby shower--a lot of people. holy moses, a lot of people. oh, and also a fun time of celebrating my little sister and baby ez-c.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


you know how sometimes-------so rarely, really-------i act like a hermit and never leave my room?

'what's that,' you say. 'holly, a hermit? i wouldn't believe it even if it saw it! holly is outgoing and loves meeting people! she likes to socialize and share her life with others.'

FALSE. i am not, do not, never will, and often do only against my will.


i have been rather convicted about that. sometimes God uses people to convict me of it. like when they flat out call me a hermit to my face. sometimes he just puts it on my heart. either way, before i left wisconsin, i publicly declared (and by publicly declared, i mean i told like three people) that i would intentionally seek out community at school so that i would have people to invest in and with whom to be authentic. (as opposed to what i did when i moved to wisconsin, which was...nothing. for a year.)

i made the deliberate decision to have a class be on campus (instead of all three being online.) i have attended social type things. i said, yes! i want a mentor in the grad program. yes! i will go hang out as long as liz will drive me. yes! i will go hang out even when liz won't drive me.

these are all kind of big steps for me, as sad as that might be.

but here's the coolest part of it...

i am making friends! :)

sometimes, i sound like a kid who just got back from her first day of kindergarten.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

maybe alicia is right...

i don't really know how twitter works. honestly, the most i have i ever read on twitter has been between mindy kaling and bj novak. cause they're awesome.

a while ago, alicia penning told me that i should have a twitter account because i say random funny things. but considering she is friends with shanti, i felt like i probably couldn't compete.

on occasion, however, i think about how helpful it would be to have twitter...i just put up a new facebook status about ten minutes ago, and i already have something new i want to put up there. *some people* have told me that i change my status too often (and clutter their newsfeed), so i feel self-conscious about changing it so soon.

and really, it was more the kind of thought that would read better on twitter than on facebook because it was just a purely random thought that fell out of my head and not something that applies to other people (like all the music lyrics and movie quotes that i make as my facebook status).

but i don't know if i could keep up with the speed of twitter. i feel as if it could turn into an addiction really quickly and cause me to forsake homework. and that i would find my worth in how many people followed me or retweeted the brilliant things i said. that is a pressure i am not sure i can handle.

so i am holding off for now. the end.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

oh, crap. i have a blog.

i know, i know. i'm a terrible blogger. last week was intense, but that's no excuse. feel free to hold me accountable for not blogging and not writing. the point of the blog is to share my life and do writing assignments.


on the plus side, i am wearing a skirt today.

i'm aware that has nothing to do with blogging, but at least i am trying a little.

and i didn't give you the ability to give me a real assignment last week because i felt overwhelmed by all the things i had to accomplish. however, it is a common occurrence for me to write poetry/songs when i am sitting in class in order to appear to be taking notes. so i have a poem/future lyrics to a song for you.

to be fair, it is sort of about what we were discussing in class--existential therapy...which is all about dealing with normal anxiety, finding meaning in life, etc.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


i have nothing productive to say; i just wanted to surface for a moment and breathe.

i am swamped with life. mostly homework and figuring out how to balance all of it.

if you need some levity in your life (and let's be honest--we all do), please read 'stuff christians like' by jon acuff. it's hilarious. and his blog is also stellar. you should definitely check it out.

Monday, October 4, 2010

take your poll and shove it

hey! take that temper down a notch. i was just trying to make a little joke.

didn't like it, huh? try this one* on for size:

how do you wake up lady gaga?


anyway...the poll indicated that i was supposed to write another chapter of my book this week. i am telling you right now that it's not happening. instead, i am giving you a little musical snack (geez...when was the last time i watched how to lose a guy?).

it was inspired by a comment made during the sermon yesterday.

there is music that goes with it, but i haven't mastered it to the point of posting it on the blog. someday.

the song is posted over in the 'songs' section (i know, crazy...), and it's called 'shadows of shame.'

*courtesy of sarah naylor

Thursday, September 30, 2010

coffee coffee coffee

so one of the perks of being a breakout leader for my freshmen is that i have a card that lets me get free coffee with them at the coffee place at the student center. rock on. i love coffee. and i really love free coffee.

side note: i have had a lot of coffee and not much food today. that might explain why i have already written 'coffee' so many times. and why the screen is shaking in front of me. maybe.

anyway, i've already met one on one with four of my freshmen and have another two meetings set up. i have learned i have a great many things in common with my young adults. casey and i like to be in control and want a lot of kids. jason and i love movies (batman!) and video games (tony hawk!). taylor and i are perfectionists with pride issues. willis and i love fantasy football and hate phillip rivers.

but having coffee with 18 year olds that you only see for an hour every week is a little like going on first dates. again and again. it can be awkward. awkward like this:

haha. oh, napoleon.

so it's not like i wasn't having enough awkwardness in my life...i'm in a different state, different town, different school, meeting new people every day. nope, i thought i would up it by sitting with people i don't really know and engaging in small talk. :) you know how i love small talk.

so...yes. it has been awkward at times. but it's been so fun, too. i really love my freshmen.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

chapter five: butts on fire

i am happy to report that my writing assignment for the week is complete. if you want to read it, it's posted under the 'punched in the face by grace' section on the right side of the blog.

it's probably not very new information to most of you...being faithful followers of my life as well as my blog...but it's something i really needed to write down.

i would sincerely love your feedback on it. or any part of my book. that is a big goal of this blog, so please feel free to share my posts or actual writing if you think other people will have comments for me.


also, i loved the brittany/britney episode of glee. feel free to post comments about that. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

super exciting news!

i am pretty sure i discovered how to keep you updated on the progress of my book! if you're reading this in google reader, you'll never know what i did. so go to the real page.

if you look on the right sidebar below my profile picture, you will see the current hot mess of a book in progress. :) if i did it correctly, when you click on each chapter of the book, you'll be taken to docstoc, which should allow you to read what i've written.

assuming i figured it out, i'm pretty excited about it. this may also inspire me to create different sections for this blog...and that way, i'll have a cleaner archive system for people who just want to read my 'actual' writing and not just the nonsense that spews out of my head. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

new poll up

vote early; vote often.

holly willman, graduate assistant :)

so i don't really like this picture of myself, but it was honestly the best one of the billion that amy took of me...she was a bossy photographer.

here's my little honors college bio. :)

holly willman, graduate assistant

don't you think daisies are the friendliest flowers?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

writing challenge number one

i finished the song. it does have a guitar part. in fact, the melody might be familiar to some of you. it's to the tune of 'the pirates who don't do anything.' at some point, you will get to hear it on this very blog. i'm not sure when. but at some point. until then, here are the lyrics. enjoy. (also, this is not actually fritz, but it looks a lot like him.)

fritz, the dog who doesn't do anything

fritz is a dog who doesn't do anything
he just stays home and lies around
and if you ask fritz to do anything
i'll just tell you--he won't do anything

well, he's never done my homework
and he doesn't help with laundry
and he doesn't fix dinner or vacuum down the hall
and he's never washed the dishes
and he doesn't polish silver
and he's never been to boston in the fall


and he won't toss a frisbee
and he doesn't write my papers
and he won't pack my lunch or come in when i call
and he doesn't get a paycheck
and he's never brought me pizza
and he's never been to boston in the fall


well, he doesn't make my coffee
and he doesn't share the blankets
and he doesn't ask nicely when he wants to play ball
and he's never gotten groceries
and he doesn't knit me sweaters
and he's never been to boston in the fall

my freshmen

my freshmen* are awesome. probably better than all the other freshmen on campus. i'm not biased. they're just that super cool.

in the last hour, i have seen 5 of them wandering around the student center. :) they're so cute. i just wanna pick them up and squeeze 'em.

since there's the chance that they might read being a public and not at all secret blog...i won't use their names (unless they want some fame or something...with 9 followers, this blog is definitely a hot commodity), but i really think they are pretty terrific.

they had an assignment to write a letter to the authors of a book they were required to read. their responses (which i am supposed to be grading right now instead of blogging) have been pretty interesting. i have learned a lot about my freshmen over the past few weeks.

i also make them write 'exit cards' every friday before they leave class. thus far, they have had to write about:

-what they hoped to improve about themselves
-what they have learned that has real life application

they also write their prayer requests. these cards have been so authentic and vulnerable. i am really enjoying doing life with these kids. i mean students. (apparently calling them kids does not foster a feeling of being adult.)

if you think about it, pray for my 22 little ducklings. being a freshman in college is a hard and scary thing sometimes, and it's definitely a time to start working and processing through some heavy stuff. also pray that i would be very intentional with the words i say and the behavior that i model.

*i have 22 freshmen in the breakout group that i lead every friday.

Monday, September 20, 2010

office woes

if both steve and mindy left the office, would i enjoy it as much? if mindy left, could bj survive?

if your name is stephanie or miranda, don't you think the fact that mindy's favorite movie is you've got mail speaks very highly in her favor?

books out the wazoo

the song about fritz wins the vote. so i will work on that this week.

make sure you feed the duck and the hedgehog. they need your love.

quote of the day: 'i will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. i will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. and then on some dark, cold night, i will steal away into your home and punch you in the face.' (the one and only sue sylvester)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

just a quick one

i had a great weekend in madison. saw friends, played frisbee, got hurt...all the ingredients necessary for loads of fun.

if you've never seen a dislocated shoulder, it's pretty sick. don't worry. it didn't happen to me.

the colts are awesome. i had forgotten how fun it is to listen to them on the radio...which i had to do for the first half since i was driving back to marion.

don't you love guys who hug? ;)

Friday, September 17, 2010

roast beef for lunch again

points of interest:

the poll is up. and it's working. so if you tried before without success, try voting again. otherwise, i'll just keep writing random nonsense that has no purpose or direction.

2. if you're reading this in google reader or something of the sort, go to the actual site...well, because you need to vote. but also because i adopted a pet duck. his name is puckerman. puck the duck. ;) how dare you accuse me of having a glee theme to my blog?

c. travis and i played racquetball yesterday. my right arm feels barely functional today. which could be a problem for frisbee tomorrow. not to mention the fact that i haven't run for months now.

next: madison is calling my name, and i am so excited to go. as usual, bj novak is a loser and will likely strand me somewhere. let's hope he doesn't.

(sidenote--real bj novak, if you're reading this, i don't think you're a loser. i love you deeply.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

it might go to my head

in two days, i have generated 8 followers! feeling pretty darn special. although that does mean i probably have to write about quality things.

i'm going to try and create a poll about said quality things, so please vote.

also, i'm going to madison tomorrow! yay!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

this is my life: wednesday nights are on fire

travis and i are helping aunt betty. we try and do that sometimes in exchange for free rent. on wednesday nights from now till kingdom come (ok, i'm not actually sure about the timeline), we are helping out with awana.

some people (see: erin barricklow) know all about awana.

some people (see: travis and holly willman) had no idea what they were signing up for.

the concept is pretty sweet...sharing the gospel with kids ranging from puggles to t&t. tracking with me so far? haha. puggles are 2 and 3 year olds. then there are cubbies. then SPARKS! then t&t. guess which group i am helping with? :) that's right. i am sparkie! i have kindergarten through second grade. woohoo! this is a spark:

so for a couple of hours on wednesday nights, i walk around going, 'we're on fire! we're on fire!' my instruction book did not actually tell me to do it...but i'm just feeling it. plus i wave my fingers to simulate fire. pretty rad.

btw, shout out to my 4 current followers. i love the support.

new state, new blog

hello, dear void that is the internet. it's me, holly. i tried to stay away, but you sucked me back with your square footage, your discounts, your armchairs, and your cappuccino.

it's true. i'm back. with a whole new blog and a whole new attitude. oh, were you thinking that i already had plenty of attitude to go around? sorry 'bout that.

so this blog...hmm...this blog will be the best version of every blog i have ever created. it will take my witty anecdotes from xanga, my thoughtful writing from the secret blog, and [maybe] my mad photography skills from the photo blog.

i'd love your input on topics you'd like me to write about.

that is all.

love, holly :)