Thursday, November 29, 2012

psalm 7

Psalm 7

I run to your safe arms, my Yahweh.
Protect me from my enemies—be my champion!
Without you, I will be ripped to shreds,
a piece of meat in the mouths of dogs.
Yahweh, you know my sins--
you know if I have hurt others,
if I have acted unfairly,
or been merciless to my friends or enemies.
And if I have?
Well, I will take the punishment. 
Let them abuse and destroy my name and my life.

Get up, Yahweh—let your fierce fury roll out.
Get right in the face of my accusers.
Don’t sleep while I need your vindication!
Circle up the troops;
command them.
You, Yahweh, are the mighty judge,
and I know you will clear my name.
Find a quick finish for these evil people,
and champion the cause of your holy ones.
I know you see the deep motives of our hearts very clearly,
Yahweh—my just and holy God.

Yahweh is my very near defender,
the protector of the pure and righteous.
Yahweh makes fair and true decisions
and hates the ways of evil men.

If sinners don’t change their ways,
Yahweh will skewer them;
he will string them up.
Yahweh will end them forcefully
and shock them violently.

Evil men constantly scheme;
they fill their minds with wickedness
and produce deceit all the time.
They try to trick and imprison others,
but they become snared in their own traps.
The evil they plan for others is their own downfall.
Their anger and hate comes back to them.

I am full of gratitude, Yahweh the just,
and I will glorify your name, my King.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

sing like never before, oh my soul

i am coming into a new season...and i just don't know what to expect.

i am excited to be in community again.  excited to be near students again.

but i don't have a job.  i have a place to live, but i am not sure i am staying there long.  so my life might remain packed in boxes, as it has since may.

bless the Lord, oh my soul.......oh my soul.

i alternate between fear of change and delight at what might be coming.  it's a scary kind of pendulum swing for this heart that tries to stay somewhere in the balanced middle.

psalm 6

Psalm 6

Oh, Yahweh, don’t scold me; I know you are outraged.
Don’t punish me—despite your fury.
Take pity on this poor soul, Yahweh, for I am a weak human.
Bring relief; bring a cure!  My body falls apart,
and my heart is simply broken.
Oh, Yahweh, when will you put my pieces together?
Come back, Yahweh, and be the hero of my heart.
I know your love is steadfast; you will rescue me.
Corpses don’t know you,
and they can’t worship you where they lie.
My tears have wrecked me.
My pillow is soaked from crying out in desperation all night.
I can’t see straight because of the sorrow;
my foes ruin everything at which I look.
Get out of here, sinners and wicked ones!
Yahweh hears my every cry!
He listens to my mourning,
and He will respond.
My foes don’t stand a chance.
They will be scorned and humiliated, driven far away.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

psalm 5

Psalm  5

Oh, Yahweh, can you hear me?
My heart is aching,
and I need to hear from you.
Master, ruler, lover,
you are the only one who can rescue me.
Draw near to me as the sun rises, Yahweh.
My sorrows and needs are before you;
I will wait hopefully, for you are a God who delivers.

Yahweh, there is no joy when we sin;
it breaks your heart to see how evil people act.
That’s why the haughty are brought low before you--
you abhor wickedness.
You will bring liars to ruin,
and you cannot tolerate the hatred and evil that abounds.

But your presence, goodness, and love allow me to come near to you;
I will never get over the gift of being allowed to praise you.
Guide me, Yahweh,
or I am sure to falter.
Give me greater insight into your direction for my life.

My foes lie constantly.
All they do is hate and kill.
Disease and death pour out of their mouths.
They try to sweet talk others,
but you see through it, Yahweh.  Pass judgment on them.
I want them to be trapped and humiliated in their lies.
Get them out of here--
they do not honor you at all!

But everyone who knows you is safe and can dance with delight;
we will start a chorus of blessing, and it will last forever.
Protect your people, Yahweh,
so everyone who knows and loves you can rejoice constantly.
You bless your beloved people, Yahweh,
and you wrap your strong arms around us--
it is because you love us well.

Monday, November 5, 2012

psalm 4

Psalm 4

Are you listening when I cry out?
Then answer, Yahweh, my defender!
Rescue me from this heartache and sorrow.
Incline your ear to me; give me grace for this moment.
Troublemakers are wrecking my life,
spreading lies and dragging my name through the mud.
How can I bear this abuse?
Well, I know this with certainty:
Yahweh knows His beloved,
and Yahweh will respond to my suffering.
Calm down—don’t let rage be your master.
Give yourself a quiet night to think it over.
Bring a spirit of worship to Yahweh;
He will care for you.
Others may say, “When will my life turn around?”
Oh, Yahweh, pour your gracious spirit down on us.
You have blessed my life abundantly--
even more than those who are rich and satisfied.
I can rest sweetly in your embrace
because I know only Yahweh can truly guard my life.