Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11) baby james

it's time to rejoice:
a sweet young man is coming!
my heart is so full.

holly willman

ooh baby baby

hey, remember that time that my sweet noah was born, and i was so excited that i ran over my phone with the lawnmower?  oh noey.

and then that chubs named lily was born.  oh gosh.  her face was so fat, she couldn't even open her eyes.  haha shorty mcgee.

and then i was with brittany as she got her epidural to have daniel.  that was a special sister moment.  baby danger was the exact opposite body shape of lily...long and skinny.

and now, james dean aka baby j squishy jd james jimmy jim jim jim jim jim is on his way.  making his appearance in a few hours.  i am...a little excited.

my niece and nephews are pretty much the greatest things on the planet.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

half-hearted rant blog

man, i have my cranky pants on today.

choose joy, holly.

but seriously

yesterday, i emailed someone who is helping one of our 401k participants roll their money to a different account.  this was my email:

[apparently incompetent person],

Please have [the participant] complete the distribution form and send it back to me.  Attaching a scan to an email is fine, or it can be faxed [our fax number] or mailed to the address listed below.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Client Relationship Assistant
[lots of contact information, including our address]

and their response, which was the first thing i saw this morning at work:

Thank you Holly.  Where does [the participant] send the forms after completed and signed?

[face palm]

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


though the wind howls
     it tugs my whole person
     and frays my edges
     in a fierce and frustrating manner
though the rain persists
     pelting my face
     and seeping through my seams
     just incessantly
though the thunder rumbles
     pounding my ears
     and rattling my very foundation
     like nothing will be steady again
my rock
my haven
my safety
my certainty
enough, all, and everything.

holly willman

Thursday, November 14, 2013


here are some weirdo facts about me.  in case it ever comes up in a court case or anything.

1) i pee in the shower far less now that i have my own than when i shared one.

2) picking out clothes to wear is one of my least favorite parts of every day. 

3) i used to collect stamps when i was younger.  i ordered them in the mail. i didn't care about their value--i just chose the ones i thought looked cool.

4) i abhor being called 'sweetie' and 'honey' unless it's by my mom.  but she almost never does, either.

5) i like to make my brain work really hard, but not about important things.

6) i hope that a future life opportunity involves a farm or vineyard. 

that's all i have for now.


for a future installment of weirdo facts, leave a comment with 'would you rather...'

for example: holly, would you rather eat rhubarb or pomegranates?  the answer is pomegranates.  yes, i would rather vomit violently from a food i am allergic to than eat rhubarb.

Monday, November 11, 2013

#9) worship haiku

i feel your Spirit
alive in me, dancing free.
a loud shout bursts forth!

Friday, November 8, 2013

stuff keeps changing

i am an organized person.  tediously so, in some areas.  so i like things a particular way, and it pains me when they get moved or changed.

yeah...it gets tricky when i let that mentality spill to all parts of my life.

cause the thing is...there are other people in the world i live in.  and they don't happen to be robots.  they are making choices, and they are in flux.

also, this world changes.  the colors outside are a vivid reminder of that.

so i have really grown to see that, though i love order, i actually live amidst chaos.  no control. 

my options are to go insane or learn to cope.  but how do i, a lover of order and organization, embrace the changes? 


a friend of mine commented on a throwback thursday picture, 'oh, to be young again!'

no, thank you.

i do not want to be young again. 

i want to continue to grow and mature and see what's next...


that's how i know i can embrace and even like change.  because i am not what i once was (THANK YOU, JESUS!), and i have not yet become who i will be.  change is glorious!  change is refining!  change is redeeming!

this world is not my home.  so i am not clinging to what i have here.  i am not wishing for things to stay just as they are.  i am anticipating something much greater.  and i hope it comes soon.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

tennessee, in pictures








classic 1980's vacation.