Thursday, December 23, 2010

late poetry

if you're in the mood for a little poetry, i uploaded three new ones. i wrote them a few weeks ago and have been too busy/lazy/tired/obstinate (stop me when you've heard enough) to post them.

i had a really great morning reading and writing...i have some big dreams and thoughts to share with you soon...want to hammer them down a little bit before i get them up here. but be prepared for a big 2011. that's all i'm going to say. :)

i know this picture really has nothing to do with the post i just wrote, but they're so cute. it's hard not to plaster their pictures everywhere. i heart lily and ez-c. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 by 30 update

i'm sure you've all been waiting breathlessly for my update today. well, friends, take a deep breath. that's right. in and out. feel better? good.

ok, let's see...

1. i have a solid semester under my belt. i am pleased to announce i survived and am one step closer to my master's degree. woot. go wildcats.

2. my debt to my father is down to $2600. although i had a dream last night that i paid it off completely, so i'll ask him if that counts.

3-10. nothing to report.

11. 1/20 on the cooking blogs. clicking right along. for those of you not present for the photo blog last year, i think my december meal is going to be the same: corned beef for the fam. there will, of course, be pictures. or at least one.

12-15. nada.

16. i haven't finished my book yet, but i did work a bit on a chapter today. when it's typed, i'll post it on the blog. it's my goal to write two chapters over christmas break, so we'll see.

17-28. nope.

29. 7/100 books read
  • interviewing in action
  • theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy
  • 66 love letters
  • gazelles, baby steps, and 37 other things dave ramsey taught me about debt
  • the christian college
  • the history of higher education
  • press play
30. um, no.

so there's your update. i'm sure you had nothing better to read on the internet, like FROOMMATE GETTING ENGAGED! yes, froommate, it's true. this update is dedicated to you.

and if i had any other picture in the world that was already online of the two of us, i would have used it.'s kind of fun to look at us 6 years ago and see what babies we were. haha. awesome.

Friday, December 17, 2010

the monthly cooking segment

hello! greetings to all you hungry wanderers. please, come in. sit for a spell and sniff that heavenly aroma.

ok, enough of that nonsense. it's time for my monthly cooking segment, brought to you by the number 30 and the other number 30. what do you mean, there's no such thing as the other 30? shut it! this is my blog, and i do what i want.

if you're still reading, i can only believe it is because you are DYING to find out what it is i made this month. as you may have noticed, we are drawing precariously close to the 21st. so last night....

wait for it...

i made...


i'm sorry if you're disappointed from all the build up. there's really too much pressure here. i'm starting to crack.

but really, it was wonderful and delicious pizza, if that makes it better. ready?

olive oil
alfredo sauce
thick slices of mushrooms
obscene amounts of spinach
shredded edam cheese
italian seasoning.

425 degrees for 7.5 minutes

very easy to make. very good to eat. i can't attest to the healthiness or calorie count. couldn't be bothered with those this time. maybe next month.

oh, hey, a new baby...

ok, i am FULLY aware i have been shamelessly neglecting you for several weeks. i sort of apologize. but not really. it's been a little busy in my world.

1) winter. gross. i hate it. mostly because of my car and the completely probable reality that he will slide off the road and kill me. but also because i just like summer so much better. sunshine that doesn't blind me from the glare off the ground is preferable.

2) school. yup. i had some. i am totally done with all of my homework and projects and papers (and trust me when i tell you it was a CRAPLOAD, especially last week). i am spending today finishing grading stuff for my freshmen, and then i will be donezo.

3) brittany and bradley had their baby on my dad and grandma's birthday! at 6 pounds, 3 ounces and 20 inches, he is a tiny little bundle of sweetheart and joy. when lily was born, she didn't open her eyes forever...probably too difficult to open them between all the rolls of fat. haha. charmer daniel bradley, on the other hand, was just wide-eyed and enjoying the world right away. he is a doll. and watching lily with him was amazing. just precious. she sang, 'have i told you lately that i love you?' to him.

so. now that my chaos is coming to an end, you can expect a regular bevy of updates. actually, you might get several today. i have a few poems and a song to upload. and some other stuff. so we'll see. anyway, friends, i am back.