Friday, June 17, 2011

one month down

i can't believe a month of my summer is gone already. CRAZY.

i am mad busy. but it's good. working for the dollar bills (and really enjoying ye olde magic shoppe)...frisbee till i wanna puke (another tournament this weekend...i'll strive to be better about sunscreen)...homework (not gonna lie...i'll be glad to be done with these classes. they're more fun in marion. lol. i have less distractions there, too.)...and trying to hang out with people. that is a surprisingly hard task.

let's see...what else has changed in the past month...

i got a new sister.
i got bangs.
i traded cars.

yeah, i think those are the highlights.

here's what i haven't been doing:

working on my t shirt quilt.
running (aside from frisbee).


we'll see what the next two months bring.

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