Thursday, May 10, 2012

the monthly cooking segment: pinterest is baller

hey, remember how i changed a goal to making stuff on pinterest?  oh, well, if not, read that HERE.

since i am abandoning the wigger women in a while, it seemed like a good idea to cook even more.  :)  so liz and i sat down this week and picked a couple of the meals off my food board (check it out HERE).

meal number one: spinach and artichoke baked pasta.  the original recipe can be found HERE.  this is gooey.  and cheesy.  and delicious.  and oh's pretty ridiculous with salmon.

verdict: yes, please, and more of it!  (also delicious leftover.)

meal number two: eggplant sandwiches.  the original recipe can be found HERE.  basically, you coat some slices of eggplant with breadcrumbs, pan fry them, and then use them instead of a bun.  plus tomato...romaine lettuce...fresh basil...and goat cheese.  soooo good.  i recommend thinner slices of eggplant, really getting the oil out, more than a sprinkle of salt, and using tons of goat cheese.  :)

verdict: excellent, and very easy to tweak for various tastes (no basil and very little tomato for liz).

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