Wednesday, October 17, 2012

psalm 2

Psalm 2

Why is there so much unrest in the world?
Why do these men use their energy for foolish thinking?
They strut around and plan to fight;
they think if they stick together,
they can take on Yahweh
and hurt his chosen leader. 
“We don’t need to submit to Yahweh!
Let’s run free and go where we want.”
But Yahweh smiles grimly;
he mocks their simple thoughts.
With power and fury, he disciplines them,
frightening them with his anger.
Yahweh tells them, “I picked this leader for my people;
he is right where he should be.”
And I will tell them--
Yahweh called me to this place, claiming me as his own.
He adopted me and changed my name.
He said, “If you ask me, I will give you everything;
all these countries and people are yours.
You can rule them with discipline
and destroy those who are unworthy.”
So listen, you leaders!
Be wise, for I have spoken Yahweh’s truth.
Honor him, fear him,
praise him.  Take joy!
If you don’t listen to me, Yahweh’s chosen one, I will terrify you
and wreck everything you have built.
Trust me, my anger is no joke.
But it is a blessing to rest in my leadership.

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