Thursday, May 16, 2013

i am here: here i am

i have not forgotten about you.  and there are some things that i want to share.  so hunker down for a minute.

i have been making some really healthy choices for my life in the past month.  nothing drastic or life changing, at least on the surface.  but below the surface?  oh, they're making an impact.

some of my active/physical choices:

i started running again.  not a lot.  my body simply won't tolerate a lot.  but some.  and to be honest, it feels good.  no matter what i say, please don't ever let me run a marathon again.  not all people are meant to do that. 

i've also been incorporating yoga and volleyball.  so i am doing restful things and fun things.  those are important keys to being active and not hating it.

some of my habit choices:

i'm drinking at least 80 ounces of water per day.  that was really hard initially, and i still pee alllllllllll the time, but i can feel the positive effects of it on my body. 

i'm getting at least 6 hours of sleep every night.  that number might still seem low to some of you, but the consistent amount is the important part.  my body certainly appreciates it--i have never been very good about quality sleep in the past, so this has been a nice blessing.

at least until my birthday, i'm not eating candy, dessert, or fast food.  i'm not drinking soda.  and i am being very deliberate about not eating excessively.  that means slowing down and thinking about my food choices. 


there are other things i am doing that pertain to whole life wellness.  i set some mental and spiritual goals along with my physical goals.  and my heart is really resting a lot more.  i'm recognizing myself and remembering who i want to be and where i want to go...and allowing the Lord to speak so much truth and grace into me. 

it's a good season.  and i wanted you to rejoice with me in it.


  1. so much good stuff there. proud of you sister!

  2. would love to rejoice with soon?