Wednesday, July 17, 2013

thirtyoneders " it. looks like the o'needers."

i know you have been just chomping at the bit to see what shenanigans i would commit myself to over the course of the next year.  well, wait no longer!  the list is posted.

here's what you should know about my list:

-it starts on sunday.  it lasts for a year.

-some old favorites are back.  it turns out that i like hosting meals and being active.  who knew?

-some old failures are back.  if you've been with me for a while, you know that make my t shirt quilt goes back at least to my 27 things list.  i think it might actually happen this time.

-some of them are a little vague.  this is intentional.  it leaves flexibility.  and if i decide to put something even cooler on my list, one of the vague ones might get removed.  (so if you have a great idea you want to suggest, you still can!)

-many of them are social!  i know, it's difficult to believe that the hermit crab would put so many social items on her list.  if any of them sounds appealing, let me know you want to be invited.

-i am committed to blogging this one out.  and yes, that even means VIDEO blogs.  after watching the lizzie bennet diaries (and if you haven't, you absolutely should.  immediately.  here's the LINK to the first one.), i have been asked to document my nonsense for the world to see.  oy.  i'll keep you posted on that.

let me know what you think!


  1. the title might be my favorite part :)

  2. at least you like part of it. :)

  3. WOW Holly, what a list! Looks like cool things! (And feel free to end your road trip in West Palm Beach, FL). :) Whew, I got tired just reading about all these things and thinking about trying to accomplish them in one year!

    1. thanks, kels. :) but the road trip is ending in myrtle beach. next summer marks ten years of knowing miranda because of our summer project.

      although you know i'd love to come see you.

  4. We oooobviously know which is my favorite. : )