Friday, October 25, 2013

vacationing the crap out of tennessee

after work today, i am a free woman for a whole week. 

this is big stuff.

i am actually using vacation hours to go on a vacation.

how very grown up...of course, i used the word 'crap' in my blog title, so i guess it comes in spurts.  (and we're probably dear friends if your next train of thought was, 'the crap comes in spurts?  haha.  poop is funny.')



i am heading down to good old gatlinburg, tennessee, for some chill time.  my plan is to do pretty much nothing.  just relax.

that is an important thing for me to do sometimes.  you know, breathe in and out. 

should be good.


in other news, i am a ninja in training.

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