Tuesday, March 11, 2014

oh i guess i could catch you up.

i've [slowly.  oh.so.slowly] been doing things on my list.  it is highly unlikely i will accomplish them all before my birthday, but you never know.  if i assume that attitude, i just won't do anything.

on saturday, i participated in my 'fun/unique race.'  five of us ran an urban obstacle 5k.  participants were encouraged to dress as superheroes.  so...we did.  some of us got more injured than others.  this may surprise you, but i was NOT the most injured.  that title belongs to iron man.  yes, heather looks like someone literally attacked her on the mean streets of indianapolis.

pictured left to right:
kim: the sworn enemy of turtles.
liz: the spiderlanterine.
ashleyne: captain, my captain.
heather: leave no pebbles behind.
holly: almost had to punch a guy because he was dressed like the joker.

1 comment:

  1. a) we will power you through at least helping me with 31 items on my list...this may require a spreadsheet to organize our thoughts & plan of attack.

    b) i will vouch for hols that she was not the most injured and i definitely looked like someone clobbered me.