Wednesday, April 16, 2014

there's a song in my heart

i was in organized choirs for 13 of my formative years (even though my family swears they didn't know about 4 of them).  i love singing.  i love hearing voices blend and harmonies weave around melodies. 

i play guitar and have written bunches of songs and even recorded a cd, but i know i am not a soloist.  never have been and don't want to be now.  i am a choral singer.

i love singing alto.  most of the time, i don't have my mom's gift of being able to pick out a harmony just from hearing the melody.  as with most things, i have to work hard before i become ok at it.  but i really enjoy nailing the harmony once i have learned it.

we are doing a very small choral number at church on sunday, and we had a rehearsal last night.  i had a ridiculous amount of fun, and it made me miss being in choir badly.  i don't know if i miss it badly enough to throw on a fuschia dress and character shoes again, but...

my name is holly, and i love choir.

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