Thursday, August 7, 2014

dear world

i am still here.  i just have so, so many things to say that i am saying nothing.  it's a common problem for me.

so here are the highlights in my head:

nicaragua  <3

just...i don't even...ahhhhhh.  i have no idea what to say that actually explains this trip.  it was incredible.  i am deeply and madly in love with my team, with the country, with the people, with the way we did the trip...  just so so so many good things.  i am still processing so much that it is difficult to give sound bites.  my heart is full to the point of exploding.

the 6021

the house is not quite complete...still waiting on the river ghost to move in.  she's coming slowly.  :)  but slicky, last pitch, and i are in and waging war against the steroid-infused spider army that seems to occupy the basement.  i love living in community with ridiculous weirdos, so i am in a great place right now.  :)  and i get to mow again!  my heart is happy.

how to succeed in business without really trying

(not the musical, even though it's fantastic).  work stuff is shifting...for the better, i think.  in three months, things are going to be very different.  i am amused at the direction i am moving vocationally, but i can't wait to see how it continues to prepare and shape me for whatever adventure is next.

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