Tuesday, February 7, 2012

so proud of my boston beauty

so i made a cd a few years ago for my family.  and some other randos got copies of it.  and somebody cool designed the liner and took all the pictures.  this was the cover:

ha.  oh, my, look at that baby face. (no comments, please.) and when i see my hair that long, all i can think about is how heavy it must have been.

anyway, i digress.  (as per the usual.)

so there's a song on the cd called 'ayo.'  i wrote it while i was in college for a dear friend of mine.  after listening to the cd, my brother kyle texted me and said, 'ayo should be on the radio!'  whenever i think about that, i chuckle, because ayo the person is an OUTSTANDING musician who indeed SHOULD be on the radio.  

i wouldn't say i often use this blog as a plug for stuff (mainly because my audience is definitely too small for that to be an effective use of time), but dreams are totally worth endorsing.

there's a cool website that works as a place where independent artists can showcase their stuff and raise funds for projects.  and ayo, my wonderfully talented and beautiful friend, is plugged in there to record a full length album.  um, this is awesome.

first: discover the wonder that is ayo on her website: ayo!

second: go check her project out here: kickstarter! and read all the sweet incentives for backing her.  totally cool.

third: if you like music and know other people who like music, tell them.  because she has worked her tail off for this.  and because she is insanely talented.  and because i love her.

fourth: here are my incentives for you:

if you pledge at least $10: i'll send a copy of my cd to you.
if you pledge at least $50: i'll sing and play live for you.
if you are willing to pledge more, i am open to offers.  

hit me up in the comments and let me know how you're supporting ayo!

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  1. so that's totally crazy. i just finished reading a million miles in a thousand years tonight where in the afterword he talks about blue like jazz getting funded through kickstarter. i had never even heard of that website until tonight!!