Tuesday, January 31, 2012

run, baby, run. but run faster. and longer. nope, keep going...

oh, how to begin a post about training for a marathon?  as usual, a mix of thoughtful and snarky things fill my mind...

quite simply, training for a marathon is unlike anything else i have done before.  i have experienced many changes in my life in the past month, and i am interested/horrified to see what else might occur in the next three months.

here are some fun facts:

  • my 29.5 year-old body is not the same as my 14.5 year-old body.  oh.my.heavens.  (yeah, my freshman year of high school was my peak running time)
  • though i have been a runner for a good portion of my life, i never experienced common runner ailments...like blisters.  or chafing.  i think i am currently making up for lost time.
  • after long runs, my face is literally caked with salt.  awesome visual.
  • don't forget about those sausage fingers.  i look ridiculous as i raise my arms in the air while running in an effort to drain fluid from my hands.  super cool.
  • vanilla gu tastes better than blackberry.  
  • when running inside, i am in charge of counting laps, and liz in charge of our pace.  we have serious problems if we attempt anything different.
  • i have faithfully taken a multi vitamin, fish oil, and glucosamine every day for the past month.  that is a big deal.  
  • i get in my head too much when i run. 
  • i eat like a crazy person when i am training.  a crazy person with a tapeworm.

do you have marathon questions for me?


  1. haha #6 is my favorite.

    and my question is how ridiculously early will i have to be there to watch you run?

  2. http://carmelmarathon.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions