Monday, February 24, 2014

by the bright shining light of the moon

oh, wisconsin.  how do you do what you do to me? 
as many of you probably know, i was in madison and appleton for a very brief stay this weekend.  i have recently been quoted as saying that i really love and miss wisconsin, but only in the summer.  turns out...that's not quite true... 
as soon as i got on the beltline, my heart felt different.  i drove past fish hatchery road and todd drive and was flooded with memories.  the places and faces and tastes of madison...there aren't enough words.  i got to see dan and holly.  i ate pho.  i played ultimate.  i got adjusted by chad, the best chiropractor in the freaking world. 
although it was butt cold, the weather was relatively cooperative and not much worse than indiana.
...and cheese.  OH, THE GLORIOUS CHEESES OF WISCONSIN!  it's something you just can't understand unless you have lived there.  when it comes to cheese, every other state is terrible.
and oh yeah, there was that great heart time with mj and jb.  nbd.  lots of giggling, quoting, and eating. 
considering i moved to wisconsin seven years ago on a pretty much just a whim, that state grabbed hold of my heart and refuses to let go, no matter how long i am away.
it's a terrible, good ache.  just think how bad it would be had i gone to a brewers game or the farmer's market or the farm...

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