Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 by 30

i just came up with an idea. ok, it's not a new idea. not even a new to me idea.

i am compiling a list of 30 things to do before i am 30. it's called '30 by 30.' i know, i know. you do not even have to commend me on how creative i am. just comes naturally, i guess.

'so,' you may be asking, 'why are you making another stupid list, holly? you didn't even finish your last stupid list.'

'well,' i will respond, 'stop calling my lists stupid. that's not very nice.'

i am making a list because they help me remember that i want to do certain things with my life. some of these things will probably look familiar...they are either things that i did on my 27 things list and liked or had on my 27 things list and didn't do.

currently, there are zero items on my 30 by 30 list. i am open to suggestions. be nice about them. and make them realistic. one of the flaws of my 27 things list was that i simply did not have the time to do all of them. i stretched too high. 30 by 30 has an advantage in this area in that i have nearly 2 years to check these things off.

if you offer suggestions, please do not be offended if i don't choose them.

when the list is complete (which might take a while), i will post it on the side of the blog so you can track my progress. there is also a countdown widget. woo!

so...suggestions...ready, go!


  1. See a sibling get married! Get out of the country. Learn to Knit? Run a 5K (or mini-marathon, or full marathon, depending on how crazy you are)?

  2. publish something. finish your book. go on a roadtrip with miranda. see a game at lambeau field. photo blog. more ideas to come...

  3. Graduate! Wait I don't really like that idea because then you will leave me.

  4. plan a fantastic 30th birthday party for your sister. : )

  5. send an encouraging note (I liked those :)), short term mission to somewhere, visit Savannah GA, go to a HUSKER game (about to get easier for you), watch all of ESPN's 30 for 30 specials, host a theme party-all details included.

  6. How about travel to Barcelona, Spain and have a fabulous time with your 'Besty'?

  7. ooooo...i like the theme party idea! post a cooking blog once a week/month. write a book for lily/baby ez-c. use your sewing machine. read x-amount of books. see somebody you've always wanted to see in concert.

  8. make another cd. plan a project reunion. get a pet. get a new wardrobe. own more than one purse. buy a new car.