Thursday, November 4, 2010

youtube is a major distraction from homework

i realize that it has once again been nearly a week since i posted. my original plan...about ten minutes ago...was to hop on here, throw down a blog about how this week has been all kinds of tragedy and grace blended together, and leave you with a funny picture of someone face palming (since that's sort of how i feel when i don't blog as often as i hope to).

google images are funny, aren't they? i went and looked for a great picture of 'face palm,' and there were many options. for reasons only God knows, since he invented my demented brain, i then googled 'peyton manning face palm.' that inevitably led to me seeing the picture below, which made me want to watch the commercial, so i went to youtube and did just that. and then watched a bunch more videos about peyton.

without further ado, please enjoy my friend, mr. manning.

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