Sunday, November 14, 2010

the weight of sadness

so i wrote a song last week. a friend of mine is going through a pretty rough time of life right now, so i wrote this for her. but i know some others of you are also going through some rough times, so you can claim this song for yourself if you need it. you can find it over in the 'songs' section. it's called 'the weight of sadness (i'm here for you).'

i promise that i will eventually get some video or audio stuff up here so you can hear the songs. maybe once christmas break hits...i'll have some time to think and breathe then.

i'm still taking suggestions for the 30 by 30 list, so hit me with those. here's a teaser for you:

EAT CHICKEN. :) yeah, it's gonna happen. one more year.


  1. keep up the fasting in some way.
    memorize scripture.
    come to china. (ok, this could be purely selfish.)
    go to a conference. (worship-related. not work-related. nothing can top dcc, but you can get close, I'm sure.)
    give up settlers. haha j/k
    learn a new sport. i hear curling is cool.


  3. Look what stalking found me! Hurray!

    Um, for your list... FROOMMATE REUNION!!

  4. so I mis-read the second to last line of the song...thought I should tell you how I read it:

    Instead of "And You Won't Feel Afraid"
    I read "And You Won't Be Afraid To Feel"

    Great song! Can't wait to hear the music to it!