Wednesday, December 21, 2011

30 by 30 update: joy of the season

my life update.  just for you.

let's see...

1) i have one class and one internship left until they let me walk across the stage and get my master's degree.  holy moses.

2) i've paid off $2000 of my debt to dean chester.  still on pace.  

6) i went on a fabulous tea date with my housemates.  you can see lots of pictures and read all about it HERE.  it was really fun, and i will gladly go on dates with other people when they wander through marion.  

7) it is sort of hard to explain the 'something theatrical' that i went to...honors students are in a world lit class, and they perform trilogy plays at the end of the semester.  i went because a bunch of my freshmen were in them.  i sat with honors professors and laughed my head off.  there were togas, melodramatic tripping onto the stage, pregnancy with several different sized balls, british accents, and mocking of the professors.  all in all, a very lovely time.  and it was free.  bonus!

11) i made another meal.  not my finest, but it didn't appear to kill anyone.  you can see most of it HERE.  so now i have made 13 out of 20.

15) i kicked the crap out of chicken.  and i continue to do so.  cause all i do is win.  you can see the big event HERE.

29)  i only finished two books this month.  i'm at 47 out of 100.  i read God's big picture and everyday absurdities.  

and...that's it.

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