Thursday, December 15, 2011

tea house!

so as a fun little christmas treat (and something to cross off my 30 by 30 list), my wigger house girls and i went to this super cute tea house in marion called aunt sue's tea room.  

it was sooooo fun!  we all chose to order the queen's tea, which included:

our own pots of tea in little cozies.  mine was sencha kyoto cherry rose.  very light.  we all ordered different kinds, so we passed them around and got to try four flavors.  (watch for the changing colors in my cup in these pictures!)

my housemates are adorable. 

choice of soup or salad and a main dish.  i had minestrone and egg salad.  very tasty.

 here's liz, sipping tea like a lady.  

the next courses came on a cute tiered tray.  there was fresh fruit and finger yummy.

and scones!  with clotted cream and a lemon custard.  i could eat scones for days.

 finally, we had some little sweet treats.  kind of a brownie with powdered sugar, peanut butter fudge, and a tiny spice cupcake with frosting.  

we had a wonderful time.  i want to take everyone there.  :)   


  1. You can take me! I want to go! Actually I'm dying to go up to Marion to the Quilting museum, and to do Tea too would be the epitome of a Girly day!

  2. I love this place, and I actually miss it :)