Wednesday, December 7, 2011

holly vs the chicken

you may have thought the chicken killed me, considering the fact i did not blog about it. but it didn't. i think i may have actually killed it. the jury is still out.

what i CAN tell you is that i did not experience my 'traditional' symptoms from eating chicken. so it was at least a minor victory. and i have eaten chicken since then without any symptoms like that.

unfortunately, all last week, i was in the throes of great stomach pain. my best guesses were an ulcer, a tapeworm, a tumor, and stress. and since the pain has all but vanished since i turned my last assignment in, i'm going to guess stress had some part to play. stupid psychosomatic symptoms.

so...assuming i feel better for several days in a row, i will try it again and see what happens.

until then...for your viewing pleasure: excited!

enjoying some delicious wings! (i got 6 thai curry and 6 mango habanero, if you're curious)

post-chicken...still alive! and very messy...

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  1. did you sing guys & dolls in your head when you typed psychosomatic? in other words...