Monday, January 23, 2012

30 by 30 update: the homestretch

i know i'm a couple of days behind.  whatevs.  my blog.  which is not to say i don't love all three of you who sporadically read my nonsense.

i have officially less than six months left of this little 30 by 30 experiment.  here's what you need to know:

1) i am about 3 months from finishing my master's degree.  that is insane to me.

2) i have paid back $2100 of my $2700 debt to my pops.  i'm sure he'll be glad when i cross this one off.

11) i cooked a lot last semester, but i am cooking wayyyyyyyy more this semester.  for some of the deliciousness, check HERE. that makes 14 out of 20 monthly cooking blogs.

13) i do not actually own a pet yet (although we think the mice in our vents are playing with toy cars), but i DID do some research.  turns out, owning seahorses and starfish are not for new pet owners.  and probably especially not for new pet owners who have trouble remembering to water their plants.  (don't sweat it...they both appear to still be alive.)

16) i am changing 'finish my book' to 'run a marathon.' april 21st, carmel, indiana.  see ya there.

19) i bought my bass guitar and am slowly learning it, so i am calling this a win.

29) i had a busy reading month.  i have finished 60 out of 100 books now.  here's what i finished in the past month: serenity: better days and other stories, serenity: those left behind, dr. horrible's sing-along blog: the book, sun stand still, 4 months to a 4-hour marathon, imaginary Jesus, why i teach, the long dark tea-time of the soul, the Bible, one thousand gifts, brief guide for writers, gods behaving badly, and after you believe.


  1. I love that you've read 13 books in the last month and I'm striving to finish 1 a month. :P

  2. Proposal: If you want to check SEVERAL things off your list at once, come visit! Let me tell you why. You will 3. leave the country, 20. sing karaoke in public--HELLO, KTV capital of the world here!! 21. drive a stick--pretty much all they have here, and you'd get bonus points for living through the drive since they're crazy here. :) 23. take a spa day--everywhere and on the CHEAP. There's even one in our town that says they're "blind"..but they're really not. No worries. You keep your clothes on. 25. go on a blind date--severe shortage of girls here due to the 1 child policy...easy peasy. You don't even have to know Chinese. Just point to where you want to go, and he'll oblige. 26. play guitar in a public place--you would draw a HUGE crowd b/c you're foreign, and they'd clap forever afterwards, even if you mess up a million times.

    Ok, book the flight. asap.