Tuesday, January 10, 2012

dude, runners like to EAT

turns out...when you start working out on a regular basis and putting in some good mileage (our run at the end of week two was nine miles), you are hungry.  all. the. time.

so i decided it would be fun to start planning menus so liz and i could eat good food to fuel our bodies.  here are my most recent meals:

friday night, we had some salmon on angel hair pasta with pesto.  add some garlic bread and sauteed veggies (courtesy of the fabulous--and newly-engaged!--kelsie), and you have a delightful pre-long run meal.

sunday night, i made chicken for the first time in at least seven years.  super easy recipe (thank you, elizabeth heil!).  so here we have baked feta chicken on buttered egg noodles with sauteed asparagus.  it was also great as a leftover.

tonight, i fixed crunchy tilapia, potatoes, and green beans.  also had some raspberries for color.  another yummy meal.

thus far, liz has not rejected anything i have fixed her.  we are trying lots of new recipes, so let me know if you have something you really love.

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  1. i have been super domestic lately as well, but i don't know how well my foods would fit into your running meal plan.

    last week i baked a double chocolate meringue pie (for my 300 list) when i had dinner with ashleyne & kristen.

    tonight i baked a ham for the first time ever! it, with the salad and green beans, probably pretty good for you. however, the taffy apple pizza with vanilla ice cream and carmel sauce that we had for dessert...probably not so much. but it was really good!