Monday, November 5, 2012

psalm 4

Psalm 4

Are you listening when I cry out?
Then answer, Yahweh, my defender!
Rescue me from this heartache and sorrow.
Incline your ear to me; give me grace for this moment.
Troublemakers are wrecking my life,
spreading lies and dragging my name through the mud.
How can I bear this abuse?
Well, I know this with certainty:
Yahweh knows His beloved,
and Yahweh will respond to my suffering.
Calm down—don’t let rage be your master.
Give yourself a quiet night to think it over.
Bring a spirit of worship to Yahweh;
He will care for you.
Others may say, “When will my life turn around?”
Oh, Yahweh, pour your gracious spirit down on us.
You have blessed my life abundantly--
even more than those who are rich and satisfied.
I can rest sweetly in your embrace
because I know only Yahweh can truly guard my life.

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