Tuesday, November 13, 2012

psalm 6

Psalm 6

Oh, Yahweh, don’t scold me; I know you are outraged.
Don’t punish me—despite your fury.
Take pity on this poor soul, Yahweh, for I am a weak human.
Bring relief; bring a cure!  My body falls apart,
and my heart is simply broken.
Oh, Yahweh, when will you put my pieces together?
Come back, Yahweh, and be the hero of my heart.
I know your love is steadfast; you will rescue me.
Corpses don’t know you,
and they can’t worship you where they lie.
My tears have wrecked me.
My pillow is soaked from crying out in desperation all night.
I can’t see straight because of the sorrow;
my foes ruin everything at which I look.
Get out of here, sinners and wicked ones!
Yahweh hears my every cry!
He listens to my mourning,
and He will respond.
My foes don’t stand a chance.
They will be scorned and humiliated, driven far away.

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