Thursday, November 8, 2012

psalm 5

Psalm  5

Oh, Yahweh, can you hear me?
My heart is aching,
and I need to hear from you.
Master, ruler, lover,
you are the only one who can rescue me.
Draw near to me as the sun rises, Yahweh.
My sorrows and needs are before you;
I will wait hopefully, for you are a God who delivers.

Yahweh, there is no joy when we sin;
it breaks your heart to see how evil people act.
That’s why the haughty are brought low before you--
you abhor wickedness.
You will bring liars to ruin,
and you cannot tolerate the hatred and evil that abounds.

But your presence, goodness, and love allow me to come near to you;
I will never get over the gift of being allowed to praise you.
Guide me, Yahweh,
or I am sure to falter.
Give me greater insight into your direction for my life.

My foes lie constantly.
All they do is hate and kill.
Disease and death pour out of their mouths.
They try to sweet talk others,
but you see through it, Yahweh.  Pass judgment on them.
I want them to be trapped and humiliated in their lies.
Get them out of here--
they do not honor you at all!

But everyone who knows you is safe and can dance with delight;
we will start a chorus of blessing, and it will last forever.
Protect your people, Yahweh,
so everyone who knows and loves you can rejoice constantly.
You bless your beloved people, Yahweh,
and you wrap your strong arms around us--
it is because you love us well.

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