Tuesday, February 26, 2013

psalm 10

Psalm 10

Yahweh, why can’t I feel your nearness?
Why do I feel so alone when my world is shaking?
Bad men, full of pride, chase and abuse the helpless.
I hope they trip over their own wickedness.
They talk and talk about their wicked schemes.
They fawn over other evildoers and blaspheme you, Yahweh. 
Those fools can’t see you because they are so full of themselves.
They stupidly think you’re in the grave, Yahweh!
And still…they achieve what they want.
They don’t know you are storing up pain for them.
They mock their foes and think they will get away with it.
They say, “We are invincible, untouchable!”

Everything falling from their lips is rotten.
They speak words of destruction and think terrible thoughts.
They hide in dark alleys, waiting to pounce on the innocent.
All they want to do is ruin and kill others.
Creeping through the shadows,
stalking and hunting their prey…
they attack and capture the defenseless.
Who can stand against them?
Their wicked ways are too much!
They think you don’t see them, Yahweh!  Fools!
They think you are sleeping on the job and that they will get away with all of this.

Come on, Yahweh! 
Defend your people!
Make those evildoers suffer!
I don’t understand why their plans succeed—plans that mock you, Yahweh.
I know they think there is no punishment.
But you are not sleeping, and you are not blind.
Their awful behavior has not gone unnoticed.  You will act!
The forgotten and neglected turn to you,
because you care for the least of these.
Smash those evil people!
Completely wreck and demolish each and every one of them.
Yahweh, you are the ruler of eternity!
Tribes and nations who have walked away from you will soon be forgotten.
Yahweh, you hear the secret whispers of your people.
I just know you will shelter and care for them in their need.
You will call the wicked to account,
creating peace at last for the harassed and helpless.

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