Tuesday, February 19, 2013

psalm 9

Psalm 9

I will glorify you, Yahweh, with every fiber of my being;
I will broadcast your amazing wonders to the world.
My heart is both full of delight and can rest quietly because of your great love.
My life cries out, ‘Yes, Yahweh, you are high and holy!’

No one can stand against me--
they run and perish when you stood with me.
You have declared me innocent--
through the blood of Christ, you have cleared my name.
You have called out the liars and sinners around the world; you have kicked out the evildoers;
they are gone forever.
My foes are done, hopelessly wrecked--
the homes you destroyed are erased from memory.

But you, Yahweh, are the king of eternity!
You bring justice and righteousness to this world.
Your kingdom will usher in a new system,
where goodness and right living will rule the day.
Yahweh is protection for the whipped and beaten,
a safe harbor for weary and battered sailors.
All of us who know your intimate love rest securely in your arms,
for you, Yahweh, will always be a faithful father for the children who cry out to you.

Glorify our Yahweh!  He is king of Zion!
Shout out all he has done—the personal stories of his victory in your lives!
The great judge, defender of the martyrs…he is on our side!
He is acquainted with torment and trials, and he hears our desperation.

Oh, Yahweh, take pity on this suffering soul.
Do you hear their mockery?
Rescue me from their grasp, from their tentacles of pain and evil.
Redeem my life, for I want to declare your glory in the town square;
I want to shout out that you are my hero!

These evil men have seen it all blow up in their faces--
what they meant for others’ harm has come back to ensnare them.
Yahweh is the one who rights wrongs—it’s what he does!
Evildoers and sinners can’t get away from their own wickedness—it imprisons them.

Sinners will die and miss out on glory--
that’s what happens to men and women who disdain Yahweh.
But the weary and brokenhearted will soon have a voice;
indeed, their victory is coming!  Hope and restoration are on the way!

Up, Yahweh, rise up!
How can you let these wicked men defile your people?
Declare them guilty!  Punish them!
Terrify them with your greatness, Yahweh--
let them know they are nothing, and you are everything.

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