Saturday, August 3, 2013

and if you didn't know it, i'm a fiddle player, too...

i'm not.
but i'm friends with at least two people who are.  so there you go.

dearest darlingest momsy and popsicle,

i am pooped.  which is why i am quoting without any consistency or reason.  yes, there will be some quotes substituting for my actual words in this post.  sorry in advance.

so back to the poopedness.  that's not even a word!

i am in the midst of training for the sprint triathlon.  and it is tuckering me out.  but i think it's good for me in a way that marathon training definitely was not.  a sprint tri means that i swim 500 meters, bike 10 miles, and run 3.1 miles.  i grew up watching ironman competitions, so i have to work hard at telling myself that there is absolutely no reason for me to do that.  because this is super challenging enough for my poor little body.  i have been running regularly since april.  (no particular reason.  i just kept on going.)  so my cardio is there, but adding in two things i am not used to at all is tough stuff.

you can check over on the right side of my blog for any poem updates.  there are some.  but i don't plan on announcing when i put new ones up.  you can also keep track of some of the other things i am doing.  (you may notice i finished a book.  it was a good one.  life together by dietrich bonhoeffer.  i'll have to have some sort of chat with you about it later, cause it was quality.)

this is pathetic, but i am really too tired to write anymore.  i will give you a better post next week.  start working on your suggestions.

...and for those of you who patiently read this but didn't know what i was quoting:

'and if you didn't know it, i'm a fiddle player, too' is from 'the devil went down to georgia'
'dearest darlingest momsy and popsicle' is from 'wicked'
'that's not even a word!' is from 'friends'
'no particular reason.  i just kept on going' is from 'forrest gump'


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