Friday, November 8, 2013

stuff keeps changing

i am an organized person.  tediously so, in some areas.  so i like things a particular way, and it pains me when they get moved or changed. gets tricky when i let that mentality spill to all parts of my life.

cause the thing is...there are other people in the world i live in.  and they don't happen to be robots.  they are making choices, and they are in flux.

also, this world changes.  the colors outside are a vivid reminder of that.

so i have really grown to see that, though i love order, i actually live amidst chaos.  no control. 

my options are to go insane or learn to cope.  but how do i, a lover of order and organization, embrace the changes? 


a friend of mine commented on a throwback thursday picture, 'oh, to be young again!'

no, thank you.

i do not want to be young again. 

i want to continue to grow and mature and see what's next...


that's how i know i can embrace and even like change.  because i am not what i once was (THANK YOU, JESUS!), and i have not yet become who i will be.  change is glorious!  change is refining!  change is redeeming!

this world is not my home.  so i am not clinging to what i have here.  i am not wishing for things to stay just as they are.  i am anticipating something much greater.  and i hope it comes soon.

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