Thursday, November 14, 2013


here are some weirdo facts about me.  in case it ever comes up in a court case or anything.

1) i pee in the shower far less now that i have my own than when i shared one.

2) picking out clothes to wear is one of my least favorite parts of every day. 

3) i used to collect stamps when i was younger.  i ordered them in the mail. i didn't care about their value--i just chose the ones i thought looked cool.

4) i abhor being called 'sweetie' and 'honey' unless it's by my mom.  but she almost never does, either.

5) i like to make my brain work really hard, but not about important things.

6) i hope that a future life opportunity involves a farm or vineyard. 

that's all i have for now.


for a future installment of weirdo facts, leave a comment with 'would you rather...'

for example: holly, would you rather eat rhubarb or pomegranates?  the answer is pomegranates.  yes, i would rather vomit violently from a food i am allergic to than eat rhubarb.


  1. would you rather go shopping at Victoria's Secret or eat rhubarb?

  2. Would you rather lose every frisbee game you play for the rest of your life or develop an incurable reading disorder?

  3. would you rather lose every movie you owned or not poop for one month?