Friday, October 29, 2010

coming soon: cast of characters

while i was driving to fishers from marion today, i realized that a lot of you do not know the new people in my life. so over the next [however long it takes me to do this], i will be doing a series of blog posts called 'cast of characters.' there are multiple reasons behind this:

1) as miranda oh so sweetly pointed out, i have not posted any pictures that i have actually taken. they are all from google or miranda. so i am going to attempt to actually take some pictures and post them.

2) you can get to know some of the yahoos with whom i am spending the next couple of years. lucky.

boy, am i excited to go up to people and say, 'hey, i need your picture so i can write about you on my blog.' nothing sounds cooler than that.

please let me know what kind of information you would like to know about these people. i haven't gotten much feedback lately, so it's hard to know in what direction i should proceed.


  1. 1. i like that i'm a label. that could get interesting.
    2. you can use my photography any time you want. maybe i should make a watermark logo so everyone knows they are mine... that sounds like something a real photographer would do.
    3. i like you.
    4. keep blogging.
    5. think about what you tell people about me and then tell me similar things about these new people.

  2. tell us their favorite midnight snack and who their childhood celebrity crush was.

  3. and...done. i have once again caught up on the blog, plus i fed your animals and read all of your chapters, songs, & poetry. really liked chapter 2 a lot.