Saturday, May 21, 2011

30 by 30 update: the back in madtown edition

1. still getting my master's degree. still have a 4.0. woot.

2. so far, i have paid off $850 of my debt to my dad. working it down.

11. i just did this one, so i am not making a whole post about it. but i made lunch for josh, jennifer, and me today. it's one of my mom's favorite things that i fix, and it's so simple. imitation crab, lemon juice, celery, and miracle whip...mix that all together. mash up an avocado and spread it on some toast...throw the crab mix on top of that...throw some sprouts on boom. delish. if you're curious, josh plated the sandwich and grapes so they would look awesome for my blog. :)

22. heather and i went and painted cathy and eric's house a couple weekends ago. didn't realize till i was midway through my first room that i was actively crossing something off my list. haha. awesome.

29. i read serenity: the shepherd's tale. i think that's 18 out of 100.

so there you have it. i am settling into a more regular schedule now, so i *hope* i will be a better blogger in the coming month. we shall see.


  1. Hooray for #22! Still so grateful you guys came by. Thank you!

  2. If I didn't tell you, I decided that I will attempt to blog monthly with my updates. I have also decided that the list is still open for changes since I have thought of more things that i want to do that are probably more fun/creative than things that are already on the the suggestion box will remain permanently open.

    That may also require me to rethink how my list is posted on my blog. Miss you, but hope you're having a blast. Lay out!!