Wednesday, May 11, 2011

man, i love what i am learning

'the educated Christian exercises critical judgment and manifests the ability to interpret and to evaluate information, particularly in the light of the Christian revelation. in a word, if she is to act creatively and to speak with cogency and clarity to the minds of her fellows, the educated Christian must be at home in the world of ideas and people....unless we understand the thought- and value-patterns of our day, as well as those of biblical revelation and the Christian community, and unless we speak fluently the language of our contemporaries, we tragically limit our effectiveness.' the idea of a Christian college (arthur holmes)

this is something i really appreciate about the education i am getting right now...and what i see evident in the lives of many of the honors students with whom i work. it is good to gain knowledge. it is great to think critically. it is awesome to engage people and information. but it is also important to live in the reality of the world.

i think one of my favorite things is building bridges between the knowledge and the reality. i talk constantly about how it's ridiculous to try and impose a certain value system on a world that doesn't buy it. so the key is to get into that world, speak the language, build relationships, understand the current value system, and represent Christ. you know...dig my heels in, ask questions, and connect the priorities and values of lost people to what Christ is doing.

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