Tuesday, May 3, 2011

heads up for the summer

i am taking two classes this summer...they go from tomorrow until the middle of july. they're online, which means i get to hang out in madison for a few months. shaboom. for our online classes, we always have to write an autobiography...not all of us actually know or have seen one another, so it's an effort to get to know the class. this time, i threw in a link to my good old blog...since i tend to process and write about school stuff on occasion. so we'll see if we get a little traffic from my pals up in this neighborhood.

the two classes i am taking this summer are special topics in higher education: mental health issues facing the college campus and administration and finance in higher education. so those should be...interesting. maybe. i'll keep you posted.

i'll move up to madison next friday. i'll be living with jennifer (read: eating awesome food), working, and playing crap tons of frisbee. i'm going to work on my 30 by 30 list, commit serious time to my book, and soak up the awesomeness that is madison.

yeah, it's gonna be a good summer.

1) what are your summer plans?
2) do you have any goals for me this summer?

(yeah, i DID take this picture...it's the terrace. almost two years ago. haha.)


  1. We are having life-changing surgery on Christopher, and the recovery. And with luck, by summer's end, we'll have one, maybe two potty trained boys. And maybe, just maybe we'll be moved into our Dream House.

  2. 1. where will you work?
    2. can we read your auto?
    3. I miss you :)
    4. this summer I am having a baby and moving to the ocean!! :) ((AND, hopefully seeing you!))