Saturday, November 12, 2011

guest post: holly louise is also a rando...

[note from holly: the wigger girls have decided they would like to guest post on my blog. so this one is brought to you from the special hearts of kelsie, megan, and liz...]

Holly Louise is also a rando joker. We adopted her into the Wigger house about two months ago, and she has made oodles of candy-topped brownies since then. She did her undergrad at the University of Indianapolis. She is getting her masters in Student Development Counseling and Administration and graduating in May 2012… long before any of the rest of us will be walking the stage.

Holly has a super-cute niece and nephew, cooks to de-stress, is an introvert, daily hits her “people wall” at 10 pm, LOVES CHEESE, and is a HUGE Colts fan. She brings lots of fun to our house as our live-in Blockbuster with her insane amount of movies. We love that she introduced the whole house to Monopoly Deal.

Kelsie’s favorite thing about Holly is that she manages to work towards an inspirational number of personal goals while still taking the time to give little gifts of love to those she lives with. Also, that she teaches me about Brian Fahvrah.

Liz’s favorite thing about Holly is the unending amount of love and grace she gives to others--it’s a crazy amount.

Megan’s favorite thing about Holly is how much she encourages her and how enthusiastic she is about Jesus and serving Him (it’s really infectious).

Our overall favorite thing about Holly is how much she cares for others. She always knows when you need a hug or an encouraging word (she really good with those).


  1. i love everything about this post. even the part about brian favrah. now kelsie just needs to learn about aaron rodgers. ;)

  2. :) thanks. they sat in liz's room forever and giggled while they wrote it.

  3. and what the heck! i was just able to post a comment for the first time in months!! apparently i have to sign out of gmail, sign in with hotmail, preview my post, then sign in with hotmail again. well worth it. : )

  4. haha...aaron rodgers- i saw him on a commercial the other day- he's attractive! it was a little bit of a challenge for 3 people to condense holly into a few paragraphs:) good times, for sure. glad you both approve:)