Monday, November 21, 2011

30 by 30 update: a semi-productive month, surprisingly

8 months to go. pow.

here's what i got done this month:

#2: i have paid off $1900 of my debt to my dad. booyah.

#5: i took a weekend trip by myself. it happened october 21-23. you can read about it HERE.

#11: i have been cooking tons and tons since i moved into the wigger house, and that has included several dinners for my super cool freshmen. THIS was one of them. my tally is 12/20.

#16: i have gotten a TON of reading done in the past month! i am now at 45/100 books. here's what i read/finished reading this past month:

the fire that ignites
dirk gently's holistic detective agency
crazy love
scholarship and Christian faith
the furious longing of God
the abbreviated psalter of the venerable bede
read, think, pray, live
is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)
counseling research
assessment procedures
a parent's guide to the Christian college

#28: liz and i ran the flannels and flapjacks 5k at our church. you can see our ridiculous outfits HERE.

there's the update. november has been much kinder to my soul than october. i can't believe it is almost thanksgiving...and almost christmas...and almost my last semester of grad school. insane.


  1. ugh your month has been much more productive than mine. i think i'm going to wait until december because i will have seen SNC in concert and i may get grandpa's memoir read by then. so then i'll at least have a handful of things to blog about.

    and it is almost time for #15!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been praying about it a lot for you. wish i could make the trip up with you. we'll definitely miss you at family thanksgiving!

  2. Umm, I think you should stay in grad school at least another year. Just for me. :)