Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my last will and testament...just in case?

in one week, i will be eating chicken. BOOYAH. 5 years of suffering, finally at an end. i am focusing on the positive (eating wings again) rather than the potential negatives (not being able to eat for a and still not being able to eat chicken...).

but a certain hockey player in the great state of wisconsin thinks i should prepare a will just in case. and...she also claimed all my books and movies.

so...who wants my stuff if i kick it?


  1. hmmm...i think she needs to divvy those up. there are definitely enough to share. : ) i would like to claim your jersey, a pillow off your bed, a roll of athletic tape, post-its, a highlighter, a Sharpie, your MUFA clothes, and your blankie. those would be nice mementos of you.

    then in your honor, i will host a murder mystery party based on your death by chicken wings.

  2. lol! i'll come to the murder mystery party.

    and i'd like your guitar, pens, and stuffed animals.

    also, i wonder if miranda would share the seasons of the big bang theory b/c we're in the middle of those right now....