Thursday, November 17, 2011

new chapter

oh, hey, i wrote a little somethin somethin last night. it's chapter eleven of my book. you can either click HERE or go over to the cool sidebar on my blog and scroll down till you see it and then click there. whatever makes you happy.

disclaimer: if you are one of my housemates, it is about you. duh. and i love you. double duh.


  1. I desperately want to read this article about the wigger house... unfortunately, every time I click on the chapter, it says that it has been made private by the owner. I keep stupidly clicking on it to see if I can overcome that by sheer will, but I have failed... on the plus side, I HAVE figured out how to post comments!! :)

  2. sorry, kels...try it now. i was having problems with it earlier, but i think i fixed it.