Wednesday, September 29, 2010

chapter five: butts on fire

i am happy to report that my writing assignment for the week is complete. if you want to read it, it's posted under the 'punched in the face by grace' section on the right side of the blog.

it's probably not very new information to most of you...being faithful followers of my life as well as my blog...but it's something i really needed to write down.

i would sincerely love your feedback on it. or any part of my book. that is a big goal of this blog, so please feel free to share my posts or actual writing if you think other people will have comments for me.


also, i loved the brittany/britney episode of glee. feel free to post comments about that. :)


  1. i am always going to vote for a chapter of your book. just so you know. also... i was pretty sure dr. pepper was a dentist.

  2. haha...well, thanks, i think. :)