Thursday, September 30, 2010

coffee coffee coffee

so one of the perks of being a breakout leader for my freshmen is that i have a card that lets me get free coffee with them at the coffee place at the student center. rock on. i love coffee. and i really love free coffee.

side note: i have had a lot of coffee and not much food today. that might explain why i have already written 'coffee' so many times. and why the screen is shaking in front of me. maybe.

anyway, i've already met one on one with four of my freshmen and have another two meetings set up. i have learned i have a great many things in common with my young adults. casey and i like to be in control and want a lot of kids. jason and i love movies (batman!) and video games (tony hawk!). taylor and i are perfectionists with pride issues. willis and i love fantasy football and hate phillip rivers.

but having coffee with 18 year olds that you only see for an hour every week is a little like going on first dates. again and again. it can be awkward. awkward like this:

haha. oh, napoleon.

so it's not like i wasn't having enough awkwardness in my life...i'm in a different state, different town, different school, meeting new people every day. nope, i thought i would up it by sitting with people i don't really know and engaging in small talk. :) you know how i love small talk.

so...yes. it has been awkward at times. but it's been so fun, too. i really love my freshmen.

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