Friday, September 17, 2010

roast beef for lunch again

points of interest:

the poll is up. and it's working. so if you tried before without success, try voting again. otherwise, i'll just keep writing random nonsense that has no purpose or direction.

2. if you're reading this in google reader or something of the sort, go to the actual site...well, because you need to vote. but also because i adopted a pet duck. his name is puckerman. puck the duck. ;) how dare you accuse me of having a glee theme to my blog?

c. travis and i played racquetball yesterday. my right arm feels barely functional today. which could be a problem for frisbee tomorrow. not to mention the fact that i haven't run for months now.

next: madison is calling my name, and i am so excited to go. as usual, bj novak is a loser and will likely strand me somewhere. let's hope he doesn't.

(sidenote--real bj novak, if you're reading this, i don't think you're a loser. i love you deeply.)

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