Wednesday, September 22, 2010

writing challenge number one

i finished the song. it does have a guitar part. in fact, the melody might be familiar to some of you. it's to the tune of 'the pirates who don't do anything.' at some point, you will get to hear it on this very blog. i'm not sure when. but at some point. until then, here are the lyrics. enjoy. (also, this is not actually fritz, but it looks a lot like him.)

fritz, the dog who doesn't do anything

fritz is a dog who doesn't do anything
he just stays home and lies around
and if you ask fritz to do anything
i'll just tell you--he won't do anything

well, he's never done my homework
and he doesn't help with laundry
and he doesn't fix dinner or vacuum down the hall
and he's never washed the dishes
and he doesn't polish silver
and he's never been to boston in the fall


and he won't toss a frisbee
and he doesn't write my papers
and he won't pack my lunch or come in when i call
and he doesn't get a paycheck
and he's never brought me pizza
and he's never been to boston in the fall


well, he doesn't make my coffee
and he doesn't share the blankets
and he doesn't ask nicely when he wants to play ball
and he's never gotten groceries
and he doesn't knit me sweaters
and he's never been to boston in the fall


  1. Love It! Guess you're just going to have to take him to Boston. ;)

  2. couldn't have done it better myself. :) excellent work.