Friday, April 22, 2011

30 by 30 update: yeah yeah yeah

i am aware of my negligence this week. these last two weeks of school are out to murder me. but i am a known fighter, so i am punching back.

i have a very minimal 30 by 30 update, so i'll keep it short:

i made a yummy meal for my friend liz. that was number 5. if you have suggestions for anything you'd like to see me attempt to make, i am sort of open. haha. you must, of course, avoid my allergies. cause i have a bad habit of munching on the meal while i am fixing it.

i also finished three books this past month. please disregard the fact that two of them were for school. i read God hides in plain sight, counseling the culturally diverse, and process and practice of group counseling.

ok, i'll explain the picture. i feel all over the place, so i googled, 'crazy pants.' :)

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