Monday, October 4, 2010

take your poll and shove it

hey! take that temper down a notch. i was just trying to make a little joke.

didn't like it, huh? try this one* on for size:

how do you wake up lady gaga?


anyway...the poll indicated that i was supposed to write another chapter of my book this week. i am telling you right now that it's not happening. instead, i am giving you a little musical snack (geez...when was the last time i watched how to lose a guy?).

it was inspired by a comment made during the sermon yesterday.

there is music that goes with it, but i haven't mastered it to the point of posting it on the blog. someday.

the song is posted over in the 'songs' section (i know, crazy...), and it's called 'shadows of shame.'

*courtesy of sarah naylor


  1. so now that you've written another song, will there be cds for christmas gifts this year? ;)

  2. i think it might take more than two new songs. also, i don't know how i'd record it...unless you want to come hang out for a weekend recording session...