Thursday, October 14, 2010

maybe alicia is right...

i don't really know how twitter works. honestly, the most i have i ever read on twitter has been between mindy kaling and bj novak. cause they're awesome.

a while ago, alicia penning told me that i should have a twitter account because i say random funny things. but considering she is friends with shanti, i felt like i probably couldn't compete.

on occasion, however, i think about how helpful it would be to have twitter...i just put up a new facebook status about ten minutes ago, and i already have something new i want to put up there. *some people* have told me that i change my status too often (and clutter their newsfeed), so i feel self-conscious about changing it so soon.

and really, it was more the kind of thought that would read better on twitter than on facebook because it was just a purely random thought that fell out of my head and not something that applies to other people (like all the music lyrics and movie quotes that i make as my facebook status).

but i don't know if i could keep up with the speed of twitter. i feel as if it could turn into an addiction really quickly and cause me to forsake homework. and that i would find my worth in how many people followed me or retweeted the brilliant things i said. that is a pressure i am not sure i can handle.

so i am holding off for now. the end.

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