Monday, October 25, 2010


my bad. i don't know how a week can slip by without writing something. though, dear void, you are not holding me accountable in the least, so that makes it easier.

i wrote two poems today in class. you must think i never learn anything in there. well, you'd be right some of the time. but the first poem actually applies directly to a video that we had to watch. so there. as it turns out, docstoc will not let me publish that one because it is suspected of having adult content. probably cause it says the word 'naked' 7 times. oh, well. i'll just publish that in its own entry.

in other news, this was not a very relaxing weekend. it was full of people. great people, but still a lot of them. yikes. brief summary of the events:

slumber party with the dundores--nail painting, pizza eating, pumpkin carving, settlers playing. all in all, a good time.

the food explosion--making guacamole and fruit salad for 5 hours. oh. my. heavens.

the shid--christine shidla meandered down from madison to hang out at a starbucks in target in castleton. i like that redhead. yup, i am fully aware of the irony of making that statement and then using a black and white picture of her.

it is your baby shower--a lot of people. holy moses, a lot of people. oh, and also a fun time of celebrating my little sister and baby ez-c.

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